Updated LC5 Firmware v5.0.19, also Upgrades for LC3+ and LC4+

LC5 Firmware

I have released an update (v5.0.19) to the LC5 firmware. This brings back calibration for the Jon Cone's System 1000, plus some minor enhancements to timer functions. It is recommended for all customers.

Upgrade instructions and release notes are here: https://www.ianleake.com/pages/upgrading-the-firmware-on-an-lc5.

LC4+ and LC3+ Firmware

This latest firmware can also be installed on LC4/LC4+ devices if you have a data logger. It provides all LC5 features except for those that depend upon the LC5's SD card reader.

The latest firmware can be installed on LC3+ devices, but this requires the light integrator to be returned to Switzerland for the upgrade.

This firmware cannot be installed on LC3 or LC2 devices.

This is recommended for all customers who want better exposure programs and other the usability improvements brought by the LC5.

Upgrade instructions are here: https://www.ianleake.com/pages/upgrading-the-firmware-on-an-lc4-or-lc3

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