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LC5 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer

LC5 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer

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The LC5 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer is the heart of the Light Counter system. It contains an advanced microcontroller that helps you manage your exposures with unparalleled precision. The system is designed by a photographer for photographers. It works simply and quickly, with a strong emphasis on ease of use.

Simple exposures can be defined in calibrated "units of light" (usually abbreviated to just "units") or in times, with both accurate to a fraction of a second. You can save your most commonly used exposures in the eight presets available.

More complex exposures can be configured as programs of multiple exposures. There are four programs available, which can each be configured on one of three ways:

  • Automatically calculate test strips — e.g. seven half-stop steps increasing from 10 seconds, or three 0.3-stop steps bracketed around 12 units of light
  • Run a series of up to ten timed or units of light exposures
  • Run a series of up to ten f-stop based exposures — ideal for darkroom workers who use f-stop printing

The LC5 is controlled and programmed using a large 4.3" touch screen. There are no fiddly buttons, switches and command codes to learn. Just touch the screen and go! It also has a micro SD slot for firmware upgrades, saving and loading device configurations, and recording detailed exposure measurements for data analysis.

The LC5 can manage up to four peripheral devices, including three types of light sensor:

Additional sensors and peripherals include:

It can also run as a standalone darkroom timer with no sensors attached.

What’s in the box:

  • LC5 Light Integrator
  • Multi-region Power Supply (North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and China)

You can also get a cover and screen protector. This you can download and 3D print for free, or purchase it here if that is more convenient.

Here is a link to the Online LC5 Manual.

This product does not include sensors or other peripherals by default. Please check Configuring Your Light Counter System to decide which sensors and/or other peripherals you should buy. Alternatively, please contact Ian Leake Studio if you are not sure which one is right for your printing process.

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