Tuition – Platinum / Palladium Printing

Tuition – Platinum / Palladium Printing

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Option: Supply of Platinum/Palladium?

If you would like to learn how to make your own platinum / palladium prints then I will be very happy to teach you during a one-to-one workshop.

Workshops can be planned for one, two or three days during which we will cover the basics such as negatives, paper selection and preparation, print exposure and wet processing.  You will learn through making prints – as many as time permits. However, we will also find the time for portfolio, technique and aesthetic discussions.

Depending upon the available time, we can also cover more advanced topics such as:

  • The differences between platinum and palladium, and why you may choose one or the other for your prints
  • The developing-out process (DOP)
  • The printing-out process (POP)
  • Retouching finished prints and making minor corrections to negatives (e.g. fixing pinholes)

All my tuition is one-to-one, so you will have the space and time to talk, experiment and learn. I will focus on your individual needs. One day is sufficient for a quick introduction, but two or more days allow you to get a better understanding of what’s possible with the process and to dive into some of the more advanced techniques. please budget for 5 hours working time per day.

Unfortunately my time for teaching is severely limited. I have therefore decided to concentrate on teaching film-based workflows. Sorry, but I do not teach digital negative calibration or related topics.

What You Should Bring

At a minimum you will need some negatives to print. We will pick one or two of your negatives to work with during the workshop, so it makes sense to bring at least six to choose from.

Ideally you should also bring some prints too, for example:

  • Examples of platinum/palladium prints you have already made but want to improve upon
  • Examples of your work in other media

I keep a reasonable stock of chemicals and paper, but if you have specific requirements then you may need to bring your own materials.


I teach in my darkroom in Basel, Switzerland. There is plenty of accommodation nearby, and Basel is an EasyJet hub so travel is straightforward.

Prices and Dates

Workshop Fee CHF 190 per hour
plus… Materials Fee, if I supply platinum/palladium solutions CHF 50 per day


Please check with me for availability of dates before booking.


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