Announcing the New Light Counter LC5 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer

I am thrilled to announce that my newest light integrator and darkroom timer is finally available.

The New LC5 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer

This latest model gives you new capabilities and unparalleled control over your darkroom printing.

The LC5:

  • Is for all ultraviolet and visible light printing processes - platinum, cyanotype, carbon, gum, and now silver gelatin; in your darkroom or under the sun
  • Has improved multi-step exposure programs for printing with film negatives, controlling enlargers, and mastering other darkroom processes
  • Controls exposures accurately to 0.1 second precision; supports f-stop and split-grade printing
  • Saves and restores configuration and calibration data using a micro SD card, so it is much easier to share the light integrator between different light sources
  • Has a large user-friendly touch-screen display, so there are no fiddly buttons or special programming codes to learn
  • Builds on three years of success with happy customers all over the world

I've designed and perfected the hardware, written 65,000 lines of code, and exhaustively tested these devices in my own darkroom - so you don't have to. You can concentrate on making your beautiful prints using a proven system that already works.

My first priority this week is shipping back orders, all of which should be completed very soon. Shipping new orders will follow straight afterwards.

You can buy your new LC5 from my website:

You can read the online manual here:

Please contact me for further information.

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