About Ian Leake

My artwork has three themes: beauty, simplicity and truth. I search for these everywhere — in my studio, in the streets, and in the landscape; but most of all I search inside my head. When I find these treasures, I make my photographs.

I mostly use big, old fashioned, wooden cameras based upon 120 year old technology. The photographer who made portraits of your grandparents (and perhaps even your great grandparents) would know how to use these. They have no computers, zoom lenses or auto-focus: there’s just me and the inspiration I’m working with.

I make platinum prints because they perfectly match my view of the world and the artwork I need to make. I made my first platinum print in 2005, and right away I knew that I had found my calling.

Each print I make is the culmination of a long creative process, and I am responsible for every step along the way from first inspiration to completed artwork. Only when I am completely satisfied do I sign a finished print.

My signature on the art you buy means three things. It means that this is my best work. It means that I have used the finest materials and archival processes to ensure the artwork’s longevity. And it means that I am ready to share this photograph with you.

I hope you get as much pleasure from owning my photographs as I get from making them.