About Ian Leake

Ian Leake is an internationally recognised photographer specialising in historic processes. He is best known for his beautiful and evocative nudes, especially his platinum prints. His work features in collections worldwide.

“In a society dominated by consumerism and technology, we all need a way to disconnect from the chaos and endless distractions around us, and to rediscover what it feels like to be alive. I do this through my photography.

“I prefer to create my work in-camera on film, and in my darkroom on paper. Finding the ideal composition and then devoting hours, if not days, to perfecting the print frees me to concentrate on the things that really matter: beauty, simplicity and truth. Contemplating my best work, even years later, reminds me what it means to be alive.

“When I sign a print it means three things. First and foremost, that this is my best work. Second, that I have used the finest materials and archival processes to ensure quality and longevity. And third, that I am ready to share my photograph with you.

“I hope you get as much pleasure from my photographs as I get from making them.”



2024 – Open Studio Day [upcoming] – Basel, Switzerland

2023 – Open Studio Day – Basel, Switzerland

2016 – Rendering the Spirit – Glen Echo Park, Washington DC, USA

2013 – Chiswick Artists at Home – London, UK

2010 – FADU Group Exhibition – Wellingborough, UK

2008 – Solo exhibition of platinum prints – Silverprint, London, UK



2018 – Ealing & Hampshire House Photographic Society – Photographs in Platinum


Articles and Publications

2016 – Scott Davies (photographer, educator, curator) – Rendering the Spirit (interview)

2012 – View Camera Magazine – Cover and Interview

2010 – Camera Obscura – Katie's Jump (article and photographs)

2009 – The Guardian Newspaper – The Naked Truth About Life Models (interview and photograph)

2009 – Black & White Photography Magazine – Lifting the Mask (cover and interview)

2008 – Silvershotz: The International Journal of Fine Art Photography – Folio

2008 – Galerie Photo – Nude in Platinum Palladium (interview)



2017 – The Platinum Printing Workshop, 3rd Edition [as of 2023, still the #41 best seller in Amazon's Darkroom & Processing Techniques category]

2015 – The Platinum Printing Workshop, 2nd Edition

2010 – The Platinum Printing Workshop, 1st Edition