I am an explorer. My themes are beauty, simplicity and truth. My tool is my camera. My photographs are the maps I make. Welcome to my world.


The human body is a universal language of life. It is beautiful, evocative, and highly emotional. Arguably, anything that is worth saying about life can be said with the body.

Life Lines

This is my ongoing project exploring the relationship between sensuality and mystery.

All prints are silver gelatin. I add new work regularly.

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Figures of Beauty, Glimpses

These platinum prints, are from my first major exploration of the female nude: from 2006 to about 2016.

They are from two related bodies of work: Figures of Beauty and Glimpses.

The prints shown here are only a small selection of more than 80 photographs in this project.

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Abstract art tells a story: a collaborative story, created jointly by the artist and the viewer.


When I moved to Basel, I started making photos of graffiti. My wife said, "These look like jazz," and so this project was born.

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My meanderings are a bit like a photographic mind map. They track notions, feelings, and other jumping off points for my creative work. Perhaps they will evolve into a major project, or perhaps not. Either way, they are beautiful photographs that I want to share with you. Generally, these prints are not for sale.

Land, Sea and Sky

These photographs are about the world we live in, and what we risk losing in the mad scramble of our lives.

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Evidence of Faith

Belief in some form of divinity seems to be at the core of being human. Why is this?

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Concrete and Steel

Switzerland is full bold structures made from concrete and steel. These are some of their portraits.

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I find graffiti fascinating. This is my second major project featuring the icons, details and lines of these works in paint.

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Out of the Shadows

I am drawn to high contrast visual designs that lie somewhere between the entirely abstract and the purely figurative.

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