I am an explorer. My themes are beauty, simplicity and truth. My tool is my camera. My photographs are the maps I make. Welcome to my world.

Limited Edition Photographs

Land, Sea and Sky

This project is about the world we live in. Here are some scenes I have found during my wanderings with a camera.

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Evidence of Faith

Belief in some form of divinity seems to be at the core of being human. Here are some of my explorations of this theme.

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Concrete and Steel

Switzerland is full bold structures made from concrete and steel. This ongoing project is about their portraits.

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I find graffiti fascinating. This is my second major project featuring the icons, details and lines of these works in paint.

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Out of the Shadows

I love the way that silver-gelatine prints can interpret high contrast black and white designs. These are some of my favourites.

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When I moved to Basel, I started making photos of graffiti. My wife said, "These look like jazz," so this project was born.

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Still Life in Platinum

I am drawn to the ephemeral beauty of fruit, vegetables and other botanicals, which I see as a metaphor for our own short lives.

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Figures of Beauty, Glimpses

The human body is a universal language of life – and arguably, anything that is worth saying about life can be said with the body.

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