Upgrading the Firmware on an LC5

These instructions are for upgrading the firmware on Light Counter LC5 Light Integrator. The process is straightforward and takes 5-10 minutes.

You will need:

  • An LC5 Light Integrator. The model is shown in the top left corner of the light integrator’s display
  • A micro SD card. This should be freshly formatted and contain no other files or data
  • The firmware “HEX file” downloaded from further down this page.

The Upgrade Process

1. Download the Firmware

The latest firmware for the LC5 is here: Light Counter LC5 Firmware v5.0.19This version is recommended for all users.

The firmware HEX file is distributed in a compressed ZIP archive. After downloading, uncompress the file (this may be done automatically by your browser), check the file name starts with your light integrator model and ends in “.hex”, then copy it to your micro SD card. It must be the only file on the SD card.

2. Start the Upgrade

Navigate to "Settings" >>> "System" and touch the blue “Install Firmware” button. The Light Integrator will check that the HEX file is for the correct model. If it passes the check then the button label changes to “Reboot to Install” and the firmware version number.

Touch the “Reboot to Install” button.

Warning: this is your last chance to back out before the upgrade. Once you touch the “Reboot to Install” the Light Integrator will not function normally until the firmware upgrade has finished.

4. The Upgrade

The upgrade itself is entirely automated:

  1. The Light Integrator reboots into the special Firmware Upgrader program
  2. The HEX file is rechecked for compatibility
  3. The old firmware is erased from the device
  4. The new firmware is loaded
  5. The new firmware is verified to ensure that no errors occurred during the upgrade
  6. The Light Integrator reboots and returns to its normal mode of operation. You should see the new firmware version displayed on the second line of the self-test screen

Warning: do not switch off the light integrator or remove the SD card during the upgrade. If the upgrade process is interrupted, then the device will attempt to recover when it restarts, but success is not guaranteed. In the unlikely event of a total failure, a “back to base” repair will be required.

Questions and Technical Support

If you have any questions about this process, or would like any advice, then just reach out and I will be very happy to help.

LC5 Firmware Change History


  • Initial LC5 release

5.0.15 download

  • Remote control switch will now starts an exposure if the screen saver is on
  • Fixed a bug that had potential to hang the system when measuring a long afterglow during calibration
  • Added the ability to view program test strip total exposure times, which simplifies interpretation of test strips
  • Temporarily removed the 1000 System calibration due to a bug that causes calibration to be incorrect. This feature will be restored at a future date
  • Various minor enhancements and usability improvements

5.0.16 download

  • Improve switching between time and units when editing exposures