Print of the Year 2023

Print of the Year 2023

Over the last two years I have been busy reinventing my photographic practice. I am still shooting large format, but much less frequently than in previous times. Instead I am using a pair of 35mm cameras: a Leica M3 and Nikon F2.

This change has helped me to find a host of new ideas and photographs. I keep searching for beauty, simplicity and truth, but I have found myself expressing these themes in new ways. It is a long time since I was using 35mm as my primary camera system, and I am really enjoying this new path.

My 'print of the year' for 2023 is a celebration of this rediscovered freedom. It is Skate Park, Blonay – in a limited edition of 8 prints; an 12x18in / 30x45cm image on 16x20in / 40x50cm silver gelatin fibre-based paper. It is one of my favourite recent photographs. I made it while waiting for a train with my family near Lausanne in Switzerland, something I could never have done with a large format camera.

This print is available on my website for 490 CHF (framed) or 290 CHF (unframed). I will print the edition in January.

🇺🇦 I will donate the net proceeds from this edition to UNITED24 for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

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