Express Timer (Kit)

Express Timer (Kit)

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The Express Timer is a small precision timer that gives you precise time control over your light units at a competitive price. It will accurately control exposure times for a variety of light sources including UV exposure units, contact printers and photographic enlargers.

In the Box

The Express Timer comes as a kit with the following parts:

  • The PCB which has a 2.8” touch screen display attached on one side and two connectors on the other. The TFT display has a transparent protective sheet. This should be removed before the Express Timer is assembled
  • 2x 3d printed supports
  • An acrylic front plate. The plate has a paper protective sheet on both sides, which should be removed before assembly
  • 4x M4 bolts for attaching it to your device

Additional Requirements

The Express Timer requires two additional components that you must supply:

  • A 12V DC power supply
  • A 12V relay or other electronic switch that in turn switches the light on and off
Please contact Ian Leake Studio for further information.
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