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The Platinum Printing Workshop, Third Edition, eBook

The Platinum Printing Workshop, Third Edition, eBook

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Platinum/palladium prints are renowned for their grace and beauty. The process was invented in the nineteenth century and still thrives as ‘The Reigning Queen’ of fine art photographic printing.

The Platinum Printing Workshop, now in its third edition, shows you how to make beautiful platinum/palladium prints. It guides you through your first decisions, and then moves on to more advanced topics such as how the image is formed, techniques for contrast control, and the power of humidity.

With 212 pages, this book covers the traditional ‘Developing-Out’ process with all its main variants (A+B, Dichromate and Na2), plus the ‘Printing-Out’ processes (Malde-Ware and Ziatype).

New in this edition is an extensive 33 page formulary detailing the materials, recipes and usage of the platinum/palladium chemistry.

The author’s accessible and jargon-free style makes this book easy to read, and helps you to start to make great prints straight away.

Please note that this book contains nudity.

A printed version of this book is available on Amazon.

Reviews and Reader Feedback

★★★★★ “Perfect for the information needed. Purchased as a gift for my husband. He read it nearly non stop. He was very pleased with the content and detail.”
~ Reviewer

★★★★★ “A Must for those who want to produce beautiful images! Clear and concise as to what you need and do to produce beautiful images of your own.”
~ Reviewer

★★★★★ “I liked this book very much”
~ Reviewer

★★★★★ “Up-to-date information on platinum printing is quite hard to come by so Ian Leake has produced a very useful and much needed book. He is fastidious in his approach to platinum printing, and whilst you needn’t follow his example to the letter, I’m sure anybody new to platinum printing will find the book very insightful indeed.”
~ Reviewer

“I have read a lot over the past year on this process and I found your book the easiest to understand and it certainly covered all aspects of the process.”
~ Babak (eBook Customer)

“I particularly enjoyed the section on the chemistry of the process as no book I have read has explained this.”
~ Mark (eBook Customer)

First, and foremost, thank you for writing The Platinum Printing Workshop—it’s written in a style that I find a pleasure to read, with just the right amount of information for a curious mind. With a balance of technical information and practical advice, it has been an invaluable tool for me as I’m learning platinum/palladium printing.
~ Daniel (eBook Customer)

“I have been doing platinum/palladium printing for 5-7 years and took a couple of years off. I got this book and read it to review what I knew and what I forgot. OMG this book is crazy good. If you want to get into this or review the process it is worth the money.”
~ Michael (APUG Reviewer

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