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LC6 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer

LC6 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer

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The LC6 Light Integrator and Darkroom Timer is the heart of the Light Counter system. It contains a state of the art multicore microcontroller that helps you manage your exposures with unparalleled precision. The system is designed by a photographer for photographers. It works simply and quickly, with a strong emphasis on ease of use.

Simple exposures can be defined in calibrated "units of light" (usually abbreviated to just "units") or in times, with both accurate to a fraction of a second. You can save your most commonly used exposures in the twelve presets available.

More complex exposure plans can be configured with multiple exposures. Up to four exposure plans can be stored in memory. Each be configured in one of three ways:

  • Automatically calculate test strips — e.g. seven half-stop steps increasing from 10 seconds, or three 0.3-stop steps bracketed around 12 units of light
  • Run a series of exposures
  • Run a series of f-stop based exposures — ideal for darkroom workers who use f-stop printing

The LC6 is controlled and programmed using a large 5" touch screen. There are no fiddly buttons, switches and command codes to learn. Just touch the screen and go!

The LC6 can manage up to six peripheral devices, including four types of light sensor:

  • New Universal Sensor that can be configured for either UV-A or visible light, whichever is applicable for your printing process.
  • Old 365nm Ultraviolet Light Sensor for iron-based historical processes such as platinum and cyanotype (not for sale any more because the sensor chip is no longer manufactured)
  • Old Broadband Ultraviolet Light Sensor for non-iron processes such as gum and carbon (not for sale any more because the sensor chip is no longer manufactured)
  • Old Visible Light Sensor for non-ultraviolet processes such as silver gelatine (not recommended for new systems)

Additional sensors and peripherals include:

Coupled with a power controller, the LC6 provides state-of-the-art control over most enlargers. No light sensor is required for this, although by placing a light sensor inside your enlarger's head you can eliminate print variations due to unstable power supplies. The LC6 supports:

  • Any enlarger that can be switched via its mains electrical supply
  • De Vere enlargers that use the 8 pin PX0551 connector (requires an additional cable)

The LC6 can also run standalone as an advanced darkroom timer that ensures accurate and repeatable timing of sensitive processes such as film development.

What’s in the box:

  • LC6 Light Integrator
  • USB-C power cable

Please add to your order the sensors and other peripherals that you require.

The LC6 can be powered by any USB-C power supply or wall adapter (not supplied).

You can also get a cover and screen protector. This you can download and 3D print for free, or purchase it here if that is more convenient.

Here is a video that gives an overview of the LC6 and how to use it.

 Additional information is here:

This is a powerful and flexible system, with many options. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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