LC6 Manual - Settings Screen

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The LC6 is highly configurable. All system settings are accessed by swiping to the right when on the exposures screen. All settings can be changed during an exposure.


Display and Volume Settings

Display Mode: The LC6 supports three colour schemes for the display. These are

  • 'Light' mode – designed for maximum visibility
  • 'Dark' mode – designed for comfortable viewing in low light
  • 'Red' mode – a red light only scheme designed for silver gelatin printing. As with all darkroom lighting, it is necessary to conduct testing with your materials to determine how long you can use red mode

Display Brightness: How bright the screen is. Level 1 is very low light, for use in a darkroom. Level 5 is very bright for outdoors use.

Volume: Loud, quiet or no beeps.


Exposure Settings

Count Up or Down: Some people like their timers to count down to zero, others like their timers to count up from zero. The LC6 supports both. You can even change this during an exposure.

Metronome: This configures the LC6 to beep on a regular cycle, e.g. every second or every 30 seconds.

Countdown Beeps: This configures the LC6 to beep every second at the end of an exposure. For example, selecting 10 seconds will give you beeps every second for the last 10 seconds.

Exposure Plan: This governs how the LC6 manages the transition between exposures in a plan.

  • Pause – the LC6 will pause the exposure, and if a power controller is then it will switch it off
  • Continue – the LC6 will continue straight into the next exposure without a pause. It will sound a long beep instead. This can be useful when dodging and burning, or if you have a light source that cannot be switched on/off frequently


System Settings

Screen Rotation: Some people like to mount their LC6 on the wall or to the side of a light unit. This setting will rotate the display by 180º so it looks nice in this configuration.

Temperature Units: This setting governs the units displayed if you have a temperature or environment sensor.