LC6 Manual - System Information Screen

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The system Information screen provides some diagnostic and support information.


The lefthand control button triggers a factory reset which will erase all presets, expose plans and settings. Normally you should only do this as part of a technical support discussion.

The 'microchip' control button starts the firmware upgrade process. The instructions are displayed and you will need to confirm that you want to do this. The instructions are also repeated in more detail further down this page.

The QR code brings you to this manual.

Firmware Updates

It is easy to update the LC6 firmware. Here's how:

  1. Some firmware updates may need to reset the system settings, including presets and exposure plans. Please write these down before starting so you can re-enter them afterwards.
  2. Download and unzip the firmware UF2 file.
  3. Connect the LC6 to your computer via the USB-C connector on the rear panel.
  4. Switch on the LC6 and swipe left twice to move to the System Information screen.
  5. Press the second command button (the one with a microchip icon) which will open a page of update instructions. Press the confirm command button.
  6. The display will go black, and the LC6 will reboot into firmware update mode. In a few seconds it should appear on your computer as a USB drive called RPI-RP2.
  7. Drag and drop the firmware UF2 file onto this USB drive. It will automatically install itself on the LC6. DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS STEP OR YOU MAY LEAVE THE LC6 INOPERABLE.
  8. Once the new firmware has been installed, the LC6 will restart. The update is now complete. Your computer may complain that the USB drive has been improperly removed, but you can ignore this.
  9. If you are returning to an older firmware version then I strongly recommend doing a manual factory reset using the first command button on the System Information screen.
  10. Switch off the LC6 and disconnect from your computer.

If in doubt, please ask for help.


Firmware Change Log

Version Summary of Changes
v1.0.0 First public release
v1.1.1 [download

Metronome Beeps: Improves handling of metronome and countdown beeps.

Calibration: Fixes a bug that in certain circumstances could cause the visual light threshold to be set incorrectly.

v1.1.2 [download]

Settings Screen: Fixes some cosmetic errors in the settings labels.

This version is recommended for all customers.